Metroid Confrontation v2.5 Final Game OS Image

This image is for Raspberry Pi 3/4/Pi400 under Berryboot. Boots straight and fast to the Game Metroid Confrontation, to get the game image you can donate $3.95USD or more to support my work so i can continue it.

ABOUT GAME: Metroid: Confrontation is a fangame set in the Metroid Universe. It is used as a tech demo for the engine that would be used to create Another Metroid 2 Remake: Return of Samus. despite that, it is a very complete game.

Instructions: just extract the image from the compressed 7zip archive and copy it in a Fat32 flash drive and then add it in your existing Berryboot Installation. It auto-starts in seconds directly to the Game


  • Log2ram pre-installed to save reads/writes in memory cards and expand their life.
  • Fast Bootup/Gameplay, boots straight to the Game.
  • Latest Game Version 2.5
  • Tweaked for best possible result.
  • Made with latest Raspberry Pi OS lite and Box86Wine.
  • Professionally Created

Be aware: Wine does not always work from lite environment and exits after you run a game, so sometimes it needs 2-3 times to run a game to work, in that case if the game exits to the command line you type: startx ./ and press enter to run the game again.

If you don’t have 7zip you can download it from here:

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