Need For Speed Underground 1 & 2 Games Multi-Boot Image

This image is for Raspberry Pi 3/4/Pi400 under Berryboot. It includes Need For Speed Underground 1 & 2 together with a multi-boot menu to choose the game you wish after the selection has been made it boots straight to the game of your choice. If you like it and you want the full version, you can donate $9.95USD or more to support my work so i can continue it, once the payment is completed, I’ll send you the link to the email address linked to the payment.

Don’t forget to mention that you want the Need For Speed Game image.

Instructions: just extract the image from the compressed 7zip archive and copy it in a fat32 flash drive and then add it in your existing berryboot installation. It auto-starts in seconds directly to the game selection menu.

Note: if you exit a game and want to play another type in the command line and press enter:

sudo ./

Be aware: Wine does not always work from lite environment and exits after you run a game, so sometimes it needs 2-3 times to run a game to work, in that case you run the menu and run the game again.


  • Log2ram pre-installed to save reads/writes in memory cards and expand their life.
  • Game selection menu designed by Alexander G.
  • Fast bootup, select and boot.
  • Fast performance/gameplay.
  • Tweaked for best possible result.
  • Made with latest Raspberry Pi OS lite And Latest Box86Wine.

If you don’t have 7zip you can download it from here:

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