Dual-Boot RetroPie + Kodi 100.000 / 100K Games Image PI4/PI400

This image is for Raspberry Pi 4/PI400 only under Berryboot. It includes around 100 thoudsand retro games from: NES, SNES, Gameboy, Megadrive, Game gear, Master system, C64, Amstrad, ZXSpectrum, Apple2 and more. To get this image you can donate $14.95USD or more to support my work so i can continue it, once the payment is completed, I’ll send you the link to the email address linked to the payment.

Don’t forget to mention that you want the Dual-Boot RetroPie + Kodi image for Pi4/Pi400.


Works in Raspberry Pi 4B / PI400

Approximately 100.000 Games Pre-installed for various systems

Organized in categories and by system

Log2ram Pre-Installed to save reads-writes in memory cards

Over 56+ systems Pre-installed most of them with complete games/sets

Kodi Media Center also included

Latest RetroPie Version 4.8.6

Most complete Version on-line


ZX Spectrum: 34347 Games

Commodore 64: 20365 Games

Amstrad CPC: 12110 Games

Atari 800: 7595 Games

Mame2000/Mame4All: 2272 Games

Atari 2600: 3379 Games

TRS-80: 2572 Games

Apple 2: 2353 Games

NES: 2186 Games

Gameboy: 1632 Games

ZX81: 1461 Gmes

Oric: 1301 Games

MSX 1/2/+: 1188 Games

SNES: 857 Games

Megadrive/Genesis: 814 Games

Gameboy Color: 756 Games

AtariST: 408 Games (BestOff)

SG-1000: 612 Games

GameGear: 587 Games

Master System: 585 Games

VideoPac/+/Odyssey 2/: 561 Games

Dragon 32: 562 Games

Intellivision: 266 Games

Amiga: 240 Games (BestOff)

PC88: 300 Games

FDS: 272 Games

PC Engine/TG-16: 258 Games

TI-99: 129 Games

Atari Lynx: 236 Games

TIC-80: 231 Games

Atari 7800: 222 Games

SamCoupe: 173 Games

Z-Machine: 154 Games

ColecoVision: 146 Games

Atari 5200: 70 games

Game&Watch: 59 Games

Atari Jaguar: 64 Games

Gameboy Advance: 50 Games (small selection)

Coco: 92 Games

X1: 88 Games

Moto: 81 Games

NeoGeo Pocket Color: 75 Games

NeoGeo Pocket: 9 Games

Mame2003/0.78: 38 Games (Capcom CPS 1/2 Set)

Wonderswan: 35 Games

Wonderswan Color: 20 Games

Nintendo 64: 25 Games (small selection)

PSX/Playstation 1: 50 Games (small selection)

Watara Supervision: 47 Games

Sega 32X: 46 Games

Pokemon Mini: 44 Games

Vectrex: 43 Games

Virtual Boy: 42 Games

Channel-F: 34 Games

Sega CD: 10 Games (small collection)

Instructions: just extract the image from the compressed 7zip archive and add it in your Existing Berryboot Installation.

If you don’t have 7zip you can download it from here:

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