Super Metroid PC/Windows Edition Mega Collection

This is the PC-Port Of Super Metroid For Windows PC/Computers/Laptops, to get files you can donate $6.50USD or more to support my work so i can continue it.

ABOUT: Super Metroid – PC Edition” is a modified version of the Snex9X emulator, specifically designed for playing Super Metroid and any Hacks based on it. Unlike the vanilla version of the emulator, it makes a handful of improvements and adds some new controls to the game by means of memory manipulation (and the occasional input spoof) during runtime. And since all of this is handled by the emulator’s own execution code,these improvements can be applied to ANY Super Metroid ROM hack. On top of that, Snes9X already has a number of featured to improve the visuals and sound of the game, and this emulator is optimized for Super Metroid by default.

Instructions: just extract the image from the compressed 7zip archive and copy it in a Fat32 flash drive and then add it in your existing Berryboot Installation. It auto-starts in seconds directly to the Game


  • Super Metroid PC Port with over 40+ Hacks Plus Original Metroid
  • For Windows PC/Computers/Laptops
  • Working on all Windows Versions
  • Test Version Available for Download
  • All Time Best Super Metroid Hacks Collection
  • Multi-Boot Menu
  • Professionally Created

If you don’t have 7zip you can download it from here:

Latest Testing version available for download:

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