Sega Everdrives Full Game Libraries Multi-Boot Image

This is the Mega Everdrive / Master Everdrive / Everdrive GG complete game library set to get you started right away. This image will work with the following Krikzz Everdrives models:

  • Mega Everdrive x3/x5/x7.
  • Everdrive MD.
  • Master everdrive x7.
  • Everdrive GG x7.
  • Windows PC/computer/laptop/desktop with emulator (emulator included).

What is an Everdrive?

An Everdrive is a flash cartridge that allows you to play games on your console. The cartridge is easy to use. You “drag and drop” files from your computer onto a *micro SD card that you insert into the Everdrive. When you turn on your console, a list of games will appear. With your controller, you select the title, and you’re done!

To get this image you can donate $9.95USD or more to support my work so i can continue it, once the payment is completed, I’ll send you the link to the email address linked to the payment.

Don’t forget to mention that you want The Mega-Multi Everdrives image.

Instructions: all the instructions are included in the readme file and on the links of the utils to format and transfer the image in your flash drive 4/8gb flash drive.


  • MEGA-EVERDRIVE X3/X5/X7/MD (Megarive-Genesis-32X) over 2250 games.
  • Master-Everdrive X7 (Master-System/SG-1000) over 1600 games.
  • Everdrive-GG (GameGear) over 780 games.
  • Latest version OS included.
  • Multi-Compatibility.
  • Multi-Boot environment.
  • Works in six different Everdrive models: Mega Everdrive X3/X5/X7. Everdrive MD. Master Everdrive X7. Everdrive GG
  • No need to have many different memory cards.
  • One image for all.
  • Organized in categories.
  • USA/NTSC/Europe/Pal/World complete titles releases.
  • Fits everything in a 4GB/8GB card.
  • Write-Plug-N-Play.
  • Professionally created.

If you want an individual Everdrive image that will work only in one Everdrive model, you can donate $7.95USD and to mention the model, example: the image for the Mega Everdrive X7 only.

Available Single/Individual Everdrive Images:

  • Mega Everdrive X3/X5/X7/Pro (4700 games).
  • Master Everdrive V1/X7 (3000 games).
  • Everdrive GG / X7 (1700 games).
  • Everdrive MD (4700 games).

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