Mame2000/Mame4All Raspberry Pi Zero 1 OS Image

This image is for Raspberry Pi Zero 1 under Berryboot. Boots straight and fast to the Mame4All Emulator User Interface, latest demo version available with 150 Games,but if you like it and want the full version with over 2200 Games, you can donate $9.50USD or more to support my work so i can continue it.

ABOUT IMAGE: MAME is an open-source emulator designed to recreate the hardware of arcade game systems in software on modern personal computers and other platforms. Its intention is to preserve gaming history by preventing vintage games from being lost or forgotten

Instructions: Just extract the Image from the compressed 7zip archive and copy it in a Fat32 Flash drive,and then add it in your existing Berryboot Installation,Image Auto-starts in seconds directly to the game..

NOTE: Make sure you set from the config.txt the shared GPU Memory to 64MB


  • Log2ram pre-installed to save reads/writes in memory cards and expand their life.
  • Fast Bootup/Gameplay, boots straight to the Mame Emulator GUI Interface
  • Made Specific for Raspberry Pi Zero 1 will work also on Raspberry Pi 1(PI 1 Might need overclocking)
  • Latest Up-To-Date Emulator
  • Simple and fast Emulator Interface
  • Full Mame2000/Mame4All Set of 2272 Games (full version)
  • Tweaked for best possible result.
  • Made with latest Raspberry Pi OS lite.
  • Demo with 150 Games Available
  • Professional Created

If you don’t have 7zip you can download it from here:

Mame Demo Image Download Link Under

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