Huge Linux Games Collection 30 in 1 Multi-Boot OS Image

This image is for Raspberry Pi 4B/PI400. Boots straight and fast to the Multi-Boot Menu User Interface so you can choose the game you wish to load, full latest version available for free but if you like it you can donate $4.50USD or more to support my work so i can continue it.

Games Included:

  1. Battle for Wesnoth
  2. OpenTTD
  3. Simutrans
  4. Lincity-NG
  5. BosWars
  6. Freecol
  7. Warmux
  8. Torcs
  9. Pingus
  10. Berusky
  11. Bzflag
  12. Critical Mass
  13. Crrscim
  14. Dreamchess
  15. The legend of Edgar
  16. Etw
  17. LGeneral
  18. Freeorion
  19. Frozen Bubble
  20. Kraptor
  21. Lix
  22. Naev
  23. Pang Zero
  24. Pathological
  25. Emilia Pinball
  26. PixBros
  27. SDL-Ball
  28. Tux Football
  29. XMoto
  30. Free Droid RPG

Instructions: just extract the image from the compressed 7zip archive and transfer it to your existing berryboot installation with a flash drive. It auto-starts in seconds directly to the Multi-Boot Menu.


  • Log2ram pre-installed to save reads/writes in memory cards and expand their life.
  • Fast Boot-up/Game-play, boots straight to the Game you have chosen.
  • Made for Raspberry Pi 4B/PI400
  • Game selection menu designed by Alexander G.
  • Latest Up-To-Date Game Versions
  • Fully Up-To-Date OS
  • Tweaked for best possible result.
  • Made with latest Raspberry Pi OS lite.
  • Professional Created

If you don’t have 7zip you can download it from here:

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